Architecture Centric Virtual Integration Workshop

Valencia, Spain - September 29

AVCI is a satellite event of MoDELS

At a glance

The First Architecture Centric Virtual Integration (ACVI) Workshop will take place in Valencia, Spain on September, 29. This single-day workshop is collocated with the MoDELS conference as well as the AADL standardization committee. It consists in attracting researchers working on Virtual Integration Processes and Technologies, as the one promoted by the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) and the System Architecture Virtual Integration (SAVI) project.

Domains of interest

New real-time systems have increasingly complex architectures because of the intricacy of the multiple interdependent features they have to manage. They must meet new requirements of reusability, interoperability, flexibility and portability. These new dimensions favour the use of an architecture description language that offers a global vision of the system, and which is particularly suitable for handling real-time characteristics.

Due to the even more increased complexity of distributed, real-time and embedded systems (DRE), the need for a model-driven approach is more obvious in this domain than in monolithic RT systems. The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to gather researchers and industrial practitioners to survey existing efforts related to behaviour modelling and model-based analysis of DRE systems.


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Presentations, slides and pictures

Presentations slides are available on the program page. Also, pictures from the event are available on the event gallery online.