Architecture Centric Virtual Integration Workshop

Valencia, Spain - September 29

AVCI is a satellite event of MoDELS

Attending the Workshop and the conference

The Workshop is part of the MoDELS conference. To attend, you need to register for the conference and/or the workshop on the conference website. Information about the conference location are available online. Please note that all workshop participants, including organizers and invited speakers, must register for the MODELS 2014 satellite events.

Attending the AADL committee

The workshop will be also located at the same place as the AADL committee meeting. People that would like to attend the meeting are welcome. AADL standardization committee information are published on the official AADL wiki, in the standardization area.

Important Dates

Authors Information

Please send your slides (PowerPoint or PDF format) before September, 28 of your presentation to Each presentation will be 30 minutes lenght including questions from the audience. The workshop is also set to encourage discussion between participants during the event, so, please take the presentation as an opportunity to initiate further discussions with the workshop participants. You cannot use your own laptop and have to use the laptop from the conference.