Error Model Annex

The error model annex defines features to enable the

  • specification of redundancy management and risk mitigation methods in an architecture
  • qualitative and quantitative assessments of system properties such as safety, reliability, integrity, availability, and maintainability

This annex defines a sublanguage that can be used to declare error models within an error annex library and associate them with components in an architecture specification. This annex also defines a sublanguage that may be used within an error annex clause within a core AADL standard implementation declaration.

NOTE:The Error Model extension of AADL is supported in OSATE by compiler that checks syntax and semantics and generates XML. The text editor does not highlight syntax for the error model annex due to a lack of extension point support in the example text editor used as basis for the AADL text editor. Currently, there is no graphical editing support for the error model annex.