SAE AADL Example Models for AADL V2

Several models are available as projects in our wiki. Check the following page for model examples:

SAE AADL Example Models for AADL V1

The examples of AADL models listed on this page have been processed by OSATE Release 1.5.10.

Integrated System Model

This model illustrates the evolution of a system model. Read the summary description of this integrated model (pdf, 106 kb) .

AADL Models for Ocarina

These models can be used to generate a running application with Ocarina.

Resource Budgeting

This model is for use with the Resource Budget Analysis plug-in that allows users to evolve an architecture model of a system and perform resource budget analysis throughout the life cycle.

Examples from the SEI Model-Based Engineering with AADL Course

Most of these example models represent an avionics system.

An OSATE AADL project with a collection of example AADL models (09/15/2005)

This collection of AADL example models includes Display_System.aadl, Avionics_System.aadl, tripleredundant.aadl, securityexample.aadl, safetyexample.aadl, SunseekerDemo.aadl, cruise_control.aadl, cruise_control_example_4.aadl, CockpitDisplay.aadl, instancemodeexample.aadl, and errormodelexample.aadl.

Flight Control System Example Model

A flight control system example used by ENST in a training exercise.

AADL Examples in the SAE AADL Standard

These are example models for the AADL component type elements. They have beeen corrected with a number of syntactic errata.

AADL Examples Used for Front-End Testing in OSATE

These 77 example models test for circular references, flow sequence, and other conditions.

Example Model


Integrated System (zip, 38kb)

This example illustrates the use of AADL in modeling and analyzing an Avionics system early and throughout the development life cycle. Read the summary description of this integrated model (pdf, 106 kb) . It is structured as a family of models ( more on modeling system families) using

  • multiple packages and model refinement. resource budgeting, and end-to-end latency analysis (more on latency analysis) on high-level subsystem models
  • refinement to thread level models and revisited budget, latency, and scheduling analysis

This model can be further modified to apply simple security analysis. Download this integrated system model (zip, 38 kb).

AADL Models for Ocarina

ENST Telecom ParisTech has created several AADL example models that can be used to generate a running application with Ocarina. View the cases studies at For more information on Ocarina, go to For more on AADL at ENST, go to

Resource Analysis (zip, 11kb)

An initial model may consist of a top-level parts list of the application systems and the hardware. Processors have MIPS capacity, memory has MB capacity, and application subsystems have MIPS and MB budgets. The plug-in will roll up the budget totals and compare them with the available capacity. If application components are bound to the hardware, a hardware-component specific capacity comparison is performed.

As subsystems are elaborated, the budgets can be revisited. When expanded to the thread level, thread execution rates and worst-case execution times are compared against the budget, while also providing the basis for scheduling analysis.

The example model also illustrates

  • bandwidth budget and capacity comparison for network traffic.
  • analysis of power consumption of hardware components.

Download this resource budget example model (zip, 11kb) and unzip it into an Eclipse workspace and imported as existing project.

Avionics System Models from the SEI Course(zip, 124kb)

  • Flow latency analysis of an avionics system based on a partition level architecture model
  • An elaboration of one of the avionics system subsystems to the thread level that uses AADL packages to organize the component declarations
  • A shared memory representation of the subsystem that allows the user to assign thread priorities and apply priority inversion checking.
  • A port-connection based model of the subsystem with and without periodic I/O to communicate across partitions allows users to perform resource allocation and scheduling analysis through binpacking. Several performance improvement scenarios can be exercised on short order. The elaborated model can be used to revisit flow latency analysis. In the context of this analysis, the impact of periodic I on flow latency becomes evident.
  • A redundancy pattern example shows how AADL can be used to represent dual redundancy scheme in AADL.
  • Other examples include triple redundancy, security analysis, and thread scheduling analysis.

Download these example models as an AADL project (zip, 124kb).  Also, obtain the instructions on the use of these examples (zip, 953kb).

OSATE AADL Project (zip, 13kb)

Unzip this AADL project (zip, 120kb) into a workspace and perform an Import- >Existing Project into Workspace. The example models are

  • Display_System.aadl
    A detailed AADL model of an Avionics Display System: 21,000 lines of AADL (including a presentation [pdf, 954kb], a short summary description [pdf, 13kb] by the model author, and observations on the resulting model [pdf, 538kb]). This model can be processed by OSATE. Conversion into XML, semantic checking, creation of an instance model, resource allocation via binpacking, and flow latency analysis via OSATE plug-ins are supported.
  • Avionics_System.aadl
    A high-level model of several avionics system subsystems that are mapped into partitions. End-to-end flow latency analysis determines the minimum latency for providing a new page on the multi-function display.
  • tripleredundant.aadl
    A triple redundant system example that illustrates the use of modes in modeling redundant systems with physical and logical redundancy. This model demonstrates the benefit of semantic analysis of modal systems.
  • securityexample.aadl
    A simple security level checking example that  illustrates the use of property sets to introduce a new property and an analysis of security level violations of connection- based flows in a system model. 
  • safetyexample.aadl
    A simple safety criticality checking example that illustrates the use of a safety criticality property to ansure that a low safety criticality component does not control the execution of a high safety criticality component. The analysis plug- in supporting this analysis is almost identical to the security level analysis plug-in.
  • SunseekerDemo.aadl
    A simple missile guidance example. This model was originally developed as a MetaH model with the MetaH toolset performing analysis and code generation. The AADL model is analyzable and can be translated back to MetaH with the prototype AADL-to-MetaH translator.
  • cruise_control.aadl, cruise_control_example_4.aadl
    A cruise control example, from a control engineer's perspective, and a conceptual design.
  • CockpitDisplay.aadl
    A simple cockpit display system example.
  • instancemodeexample.aadl
    An example of a system with several modal subsystems. The instantiation of this model demonstrates the ability of OSATE to generate all possible SystemOperationModes.
  • errormodelexample.aadl
    An example of an AADL model with error model annex subclauses. This example is part of the Error Model Annex.

Flight Control System

This example model provides a solution to this problem statement: Create a computerized flight control system for an aircraft. For the moment we are interested in only the autopilot and status display systems. The autopilot need not have waypoint facility. The system should give the pilot navigational information and an indication of the current status of the autopilot. View the model at under the ENST lab heading.

AADL Examples in the SAE AADL Standard (zip, 9.5kb)

These example models include

  • SystemOperationsExample.aadl
  • subprogramexample.aadl
  • section4.aadl
  • propertiesexample.aadl
  • portsnaccess.aadl
  • modesexample.aadl
  • flowsexample.aadl
  • dataexample.aadl
  • connectionexample.aadl
  • busexample.aadl

Download these example models (zip, 9.5kb).

AADL Front-End Test Examples (zip, 9.5kb)

A collection of test examples (9/15/2005) used for AADL front-end testing in OSATE (AADL V1.0) [zip, 9.5kb].