Error Model (V1)

The error model plug-in implements the Error Model Annex to the AADL. Ths plug-in provides the front-end components (i.e., a parser, semantic checker, persistent save as XML file, and unparser [XML–>text]).

It also includes a library of methods to retrieve error model annex properties for given component instances, feature instances, and connection instances taking into account the applies to declarations. The library has methods to get the error model for declarative model elements; in this case any applies to clause that associates an error model property with a subcomponent down the system hierarchy is ignored, since we do not have context information about the use of a given component implementation.

NOTE: The Error Model extension of AADL is supported in OSATE by compiler that checks syntax and semantics and generates XML. The text editor does not highlight syntax for the error model annex due to a lack of extension point support in the example text editor used as basis for the AADL text editor. Currently, graphical editing support for the error model annex ia only available through the Aerospace Corp. toolset extension.


OSATE error model plug-in for OSATE 1.5.10 (zip, 543 kb)

Errata sheet (pdf, 84 kb)

Meta model and API description (pdf, 486 kb)

Technical report on dependability modeling with AADL


A version of the Error Model V1 plug-in is available for OSATE V2. It includes capability to generate a stochastic Petri net representation of the error model, originally developed by Ana Rugina.

Error Model V2

The Error Model Annex is currently under revision. See and presentations in the AADL User Days section.

A prototype plug-in has been developed and is available on request for OSATE V2 (info at