Flow Latency Analysis

The Flow Latency Analysis plug-in determines the latency of flow implementations declared for components and compares it to the latency specified by the corresponding flow specification of the component. The plug-in operates on the predeclared Latency property.
The analysis plug-in performs this check for all flow implementations and their corresponding flow specifications for all component classifier declarations. The check can be invoked on the aaxl resource or on any of the AADL model objects. In both cases, it is applied to all component implementations.

The latency of a flow implementation is determined as the sum of all

The resulting value is then stored as a Latency property association of the flow implementation.

Finally, the latency value is compared to the latency value of the flow specification with the same name in the component type corresponding to the component implementation. If the flow implementation latency value exceeds that of the flow specification, an error is reported.

Report on flow latency analysis in OSATE