Architecture Centric Virtual Integration Workshop

Valencia, Spain - September 29

AVCI is a satellite event of MoDELS

Program Overview


The proceedings are available online at

Presentation slides

Presentation slides are available on this page, look for each presentation in the program.

Introduction Keynote: "The Story of AADL"

Our keynote introduction features Peter Feiler, a senior member of the technical staff at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, the technical lead and main author of the SAE Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL). This presentation will explain the story of AADL, go through all influential technologies, research projects work and explain its evolution over the years. This will also the opportunity to present the latest work in the standardization committee and provide pointers about latest hot topics on software architecture design.

AADL Inspector Tutorial

This tutorial is presented by Pierre Dissaux from Ellidiss Technologies.

This tutorial demonstrates the practical use of the AADL Inspector tool with a focus on the Marzhin simulator.

Marzhin is a Multi-Agent simulation engine that implements the AADL runtime without requiring source code generation.

The tutorial is organized in two parts:

  1. A general overview of the tool and its background technologies
  2. A set of illustrative examples to show virtual execution of AADL models.

These AADL examples address the following topics:

BLESS Tutorial

This tutorial is presented by Brian Larson, research associated at Kansas State University. A video of the tutorial is available online.

The Behavior Language for Embedded Systems with Software (BLESS) is an annex sublanguage of AADL. BLESS was created to have grammar as close to the Behavior Annex (BA) language as possible, yet treat programs, their specifications, and their executions as mathematical objects, such that formal proofs may be constructed that every execution of a program fulfills its specification.

In the tutorial, attendees will install and use the BLESS plug-in to OSATE. The BLESS plug-in has two parts:

  1. an Xtext-derived front end so editing BLESS behaviors in OSATE has the same look and feel as editing core language AADL,
  2. a proof engine that transforms BLESS behaviors into formal proofs, guided by human-selected tactics

Several AADL projects with BLESS behaviors will be provided to try the editor and run the proof engine. To save time, attendees should install OSATE beforehand.

Workshop Discussion

The workshop will feature a discussion about the future of architecture-centric research. As this workshop would gather a significant number of researchers and architecture designers, this would be a great opportunity to connect people having different background or perspectives.

Workshop participants are encouraged to discuss ongoing research efforts, share ideas, provide feedback about how to improve current approaches and methods. This discussion will take place at the end of the workshop for a period of 30 minutes, that can eventually be continued during the conference.

Program Details

The following program is subject to change. Please check for potential updates.



Event Gallery

Pictures from the event are available on the event gallery online.

Workshop Dinner and Social Event

After the workshop, a social event will be held at 2030 at Casa Vela. The event is a fixed-price menu at 25 euros including tapas, drinks, deserts and coffee/tea. If you plan to attend the dinner, please confirm attendance at This will help us to have a good estimate of the number of persons and plan ahead accordingly.

The location and direction are available on google maps.

Casa Vela (Aragón)
Avenida Aragón, 24
46021 Valencia

The following map shows the direction from the conference to the dinner.

location to dinner