Architecture Centric Virtual Integration Workshop

Madrid, Spain - June 26

Program Overview

The workshop starts will an introduction to the work done by Jean-Pierre Talpin on the synchronous semantics with AADL. All selected papers will be presented during 30 minutes following questions from the workshop attendees. The workshop will also feature a tutorial of MASIW, an AADL toolsuite developed by ISPRAS. All workshop attendees are invited to join a social event (cost not included with the registration) that will take after the workshop.

Introduction Keynote: "A synchronous behavioral semantic of the Architecture Analysis and Design Language Standard"

Joint work with Loic Besnard, CNRS, Etienne Borde, Telecom Paris, Adnan Bouakaz, INRIA, Pierre Dissaux, Ellidiss, Thierry Gautier, INRIA, Paul Le Guernic, INRIA, Yue Ma, Itemis, Huafeng Yu, Toyota

The aim of this presentation is to give an overview of collective work performed in a series of projects which led to the definition of a synchronous semantics for the behavior annex of the AADL and, by extension, to establishing a formal semantics for its model of computation and communication. This effort is summarised by an introduction to synchronous data-flow programming, and outlined by the presentation of a case study on co-simulation, together with the development and validation of prototype design framework, based on the synchronous paradigm of the open-source toolset Polychrony. A longer-term goal of our work is to equip the AADL standard with an architecture-centric framework for synchronous modelling, verification and synthesis of embedded software.

Tutorial: MASIW

This tutorial is presented by Alexey Khoroshilov from Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

MASIW (Modular Avionics System Integrator Workplace) is an AADL-based toolset aimed to automate system design and system integration activities in avionics domain. This tutorial demonstrates the practical use of the MASIW with a focus on analysis of AADL models.

MASIW supports several kinds of analysis techniques including:

Program Details

Workshop Dinner and Social Event

After the workshop, a social event will be organized to gather the participants. Details will be announced later.